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The HP PageWide XL- It’s a … Drawer with no spindles?

It’s a … Drawer with no spindles?

That is right.  A nice upgrade in manufacturing from the Design Jet models, the HP PageWide XL printer series does not have a spindle.  The loading / unloading is easy –making the end user happy!  There is no need to even line up the edge of the roll, it’s quick and painless. 

HP PageWide XL Drawer
The HP PageWide XL drawer on display at Lynn Imaging in Lexington, Kentucky

To see it live, check out our video.  This is part of our how to series for HP PageWide XL printers, and this particular video shows you how to load paper in the HP PageWide – access on YouTube by clicking here.

For more information on the HP PageWide XL contact Lynn Imaging at info@LynnImaging.com or call 859-255-1021.

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