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HP PageWide XL Plotter has Cutting Edge Technology

Why the HP PageWide XL Plotter has Cutting Edge Technology

The HP PageWide XL was introduced in the US Market in the spring of 2015 (check out this overview video by HP).  Since then, many in the A/E/C world have adapted this new ink-based technology.  So, what makes the HP PageWide so special?  We asked our customers what they thought, and here is what they all agreed on.

  1. Speed: It doesn’t matter whether it is a black and white drawing, or a color map – the speed is the same.  Waiting on the printer just isn’t a part of the day any longer.  Its on-demand which is what so many of us have come to expect in recent years from all of our devices –not just printers.  The PageWide XL reaches speeds of 30 Ds per minute.
  • Reliability: HP has manufactured a well-built machine in the HP PageWide XL.  You combine this with the experience of the Lynn Imaging service team who works to maintain these printers daily, and keeps them functioning at their best – it’s an important combination for the workspace.   Our service team loves the engineered reliability that is throughout these machines.  In our print room, we have over 11.8M SF on one of our HP PWXL 8000s.  And it’s still going…
  • Easy to use: the Apple iPhone changed so much – but maybe most of all, our expectations for technology.  No longer did we need a tutorial, training or a user manual to study- we expected technology interfaces to be intuitive – that is just what HP has done here.  The PageWide is easy to use, and end users love it! 
  • Quality black and white prints: we have a lot of clients who simply have not integrated color into their workflow.  When they come in for a demo, they will say – I don’t want to see the PageWide, color isn’t important to me.  That is okay!  Over 85% of our customers’ PageWide prints are not in color.  The clarity particularly apparent in hatching, symbols, accurate line weights, backgrounds with image overlays and text/numbers – all of this!  The HP PageWide black and white quality from printing is pristine. 

For more information on the HP PageWide XL please contact info@lynnimaging.com or call 859-255-1021.

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