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Online Planroom

With Lynn Imaging’s Online Planroom, project owners and administrators experience an easy and simple way to distribute bid documents to potential bidders during their open bidding window on projects large or small, and public or private.

Lynn Imaging’s Digital Services Support Team works behind the scenes to post complete project details and viewable files. This team coordinates project details with the architects, engineers or construction managers to craft a smooth process for everyone involved.

Once posted, bidders can easily access the project scope, view plan sheets and specifications, download files, order prints, and download addenda. If needed and approved by project administrator, bidders can submit their bids online up until the bid date and time. Bidders can also manage email notifications for timely notices of newly posted projects.

Lynn Imaging knows the value of bundling services into low flat rate fees that include Lynn Imaging’s Digital Services Support Team assistance with the following:

  • Ensuring 100% quality check of all project contents to be sure nothing is left out
  • Posting project details including viewable plan sheets and other documents
  • Emailing Invitation to Bid to database of bidders
  • Posting complete set downloads at no charge to contractors
  • Posting addenda and emailing notice to plan holders
  • (Optional)Turn on ability to accept bids online securely and confidentially
  • Provide complete report with all files sent digitally back to the project administrator

Online Planroom FAQs

Lynn Imaging’s Digital Services Support Team manages and processes all phone calls regarding questions and requests for information, files, orders, and troubleshooting user errors. Support hours are 8:00 AM – 5:00 PM, Eastern Standard Time.

Lynn Imaging’s Digital Services Support Team emails a project advertisement to the bidder database on the day the project is posted.

Yes, Lynn Imaging’s Online Planroom automatically asks each user to be sure this option is checked per project. The plan holders list can show these classifications to help project administrators know that they are reaching out to a diverse group of businesses.

Lynn Imaging’s Digital Services Support Team posts each addendum as soon as it is received. Each plan holder is sent an email containing a link directing them to the addendum file. The addendum download is tracked and we ensure receipt by each plan holder.

Lynn Imaging’s Digital Services Support Team distributes all project documents to the Owner, AE team, and any other designated contact. Special requests and unique orders are business as usual for our team. Our quality control procedures are administered by experienced team members.

Lynn Imaging can allow for both print and PDF downloads on all projects. PDF downloadable files are assembled by Lynn Imaging’s Digital Services Support Team and posted for bidders to download. Once selected for download, files are available immediately to the bidder. Once downloaded, the bidder is listed on the plan holders list. Ask us about free downloads to contractors to help increase bidding activity!

The bidder must be registered to access the project. Once registered, the bidder will click “Submit Bid” button, attach files and click submit. These files will be hidden from project administrator until the bid date and time is reached. Only designated project administrators will have access to the files after the bid date and time.

Lynn lmaging’s Online Planroom provides a Plan Holders List on every project. All bidders ordering print or downloads online are immediately added to the plan holders list. All project and document views are tracked per user. Any project details, document, addenda accessed by any user is tracked through project activity logs.

Absolutely not. Lynn Imaging requires all interested parties to register by completing a simple form, so that we can track all user activity for the project administrator. Most importantly, Lynn Imaging’s Online Planroom validates the email address, so that when we issue important project updates, we are confident that the information is arriving to the end user.

No, Lynn Imaging works for the project administrator providing an efficient bidding process ensuring access for all interested prospective bidders that does not require any annual fee.