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What is eComm?
eComm is the premier Construction Information Management software created in Lexington, Kentucky and utilized on construction projects throughout the country. Our software is designed to accommodate all computer skill levels to maintain clear and concise communication on small to large projects.

Our focus is to keep the three main pain points of a project organized and streamlined to eliminate mistakes and keep your time and communication efficient. That’s why we focus on keeping your project’s WORKFLOWS, DOCUMENTS, and CLOSEOUT simplified and organized.

On eComm, access real time “Ball In Court” action Items 24/7 with ease. Our software provides efficiency through easy to navigate workflows for your review and approval process. View, process items on submittal logs, RFI logs, change orders, pay applications, and other workflows for your project.

Post and track all documents throughout your project life-cycle including:

  • Construction Documents
  • Submittal Log
  • RFI Log
  • Proposal Requests
  • Meeting Minutes
  • Field Reports
  • And much more

eComm’s Digital Closeout organizes all final construction closeout documents in a single electronic catalog. Whether for maintenance, future improvements or litigation support, owners appreciate the ease and convenience of being able to search and refer to project information in digital form.

Customized for your project including contents, naming and more. The Closeout is delivered as a fully navigable and searchable Project Directory. Documents and drawings can be browsed by topic or searched by keywords.

eComm is unlike any other construction information management system. We are confident that you’ll love eComm, and guarantee client satisfaction.

  • Per Project Pricing
  • Easy Startup
  • Small or Large Projects
  • No IT Requirements
  • Easy to Use and Navigate
Amanda Schoonover
Director of Software Technology

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Adam Hooker
Laurel County Board of Education
Business Manager

“We have used Ecomm on several projects in Laurel County. The program allows us to have access to all construction documents directly from a computer or tablet. This is very handy when we have construction meetings or during board meetings because we can access needed information quickly and easily. It also provides a fast and effective way of communicating meeting notices and other information to all contractors, architects, engineers and owner representatives at the same time. I would highly recommend Ecomm to any district or organization.”

Andrew Casebier
Commonwealth of Kentucky, Division of Engineering and Contract Administration
Former Director

“It has been an amazingly great experience to work with Lynn Imaging staff to establish our special workflows and other customized needs for the State of Kentucky eComm site. Amanda Schoonover and her staff were able to translate our “governmental” procedures and processes into a user friendly version of their eComm site in a very short period of time. This speaks to the expertise and devotion of the Lynn Imaging staff and the flexibility of their system. I promise you, if they can take our complex process and make it flow so easily, they can do wonders for anyone’s document collaboration system. We are so very pleased to have Lynn Imaging on our team!!!!”

Dall Clark
AVP University of Kentucky Capital Planning, Design & Construction

“eComm has created better project transparency, allowing us to better manage our projects as we share, track, approve and review all project documentation in one place that is easily accessed online.”

Joshua Hillman
Jacobi, Toombs & Lanz, Inc.
P.E., LEED Green Associate

“eComm has been a great tool to use to assist with the management of large construction projects. As a Project Manager, it allows for a centralized area for tracking and filing of construction documentation and records. As an Owner, it allows you the opportunity to log on and see communication between the Engineer and Contractor, as well as provides access to all construction documentation and records. eComm has proven its use on a regular basis for projects we’ve been involved with, and we would recommend its use to other clients.”

Len Ashack
City of Jeffersonville, Indiana

“eComm has streamlined the construction administrative process and we know what documentation we are receiving at the end of the project, and equally as important, we are clear on what we have not received each step of the way so that the Department can track the various team members’ input. Lynn Imaging has provided training to everyone with a minimal time investment. Our project teams are mandated to use eComm that has become a tool that we rely on for pay applications, field reports, submittals, RFI’s, work directives, and other items. The Department has used eComm on all of its construction projects since 2009 and will continue to use eComm on all future projects. Lynn Imaging does a great job to help keep everyone trained and providing technical support along the way.”