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HP Pagewide in Kentucky

HP Pagewide Kentucky Lexington and Louisville Showrooms
As we reflect back on 2016, and look forward to 2017: one of the most exciting printers we offer is the HP Pagewide XL.  It is available in HP Pagewide 4000, HP Pagewide 5000, and HP Pagewide 8000.  Simply put, our customers LOVE this printer.
What is so special about the HP Pagewide XL?  It is a new technology that is changing how we print wide format.  If you are currently hand collating color pages into your mono sets, if you are printing in color at all – we would love for you to seriously consider an HP Pagewide placement.  It is the power of a single printhead spanning the whole width of the page allowing blazing fast color prints at higher speeds and lower costs.
On plans, 1mm can mean 10SF in reality.  The PageWide XL is incredibly accurate, which is what the industry has come to expect from HP.
Blazing fast wide format color prints with speeds up to 30 D/A1 pages per minute.
The Pagewide frees up time so companies can redeploy resources being used on printing to push new projects or pursue new markets.  With the Pagewide, you have the ability to load up to four different-sized media rolls and auto-switch between the rolls to meet job specs.
Currently, we have an HP Pagewide 8000 placement with over 3 million SF printed.  Over 3 million SF!
Want to see it up close?  Stop by our showroom in Lexington or Louisville today!
More info online: https://www.lynnimaging.com/printers/hp-pagewide/
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