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What You Need To Know About The HP Pagewide XL Printer

Picking a printer to buy can be overwhelming. If you have your eye on the HP PageWide XL printer, we can help.

Here at Lynn Imaging, we want to make your life easier. We have put together this YouTube video outlining the HP PageWide XL printer and the functionality of it.  We worked with Orr Safety Corporation in Louisville, Kentucky to show the benefits.

This video goes through the positives of using the HP PageWide XL printer. The printer itself is a very reliable and modern printer. Printing in color is easier and faster with the new Pagewide technology.  Many architects, or CAD operators design in color. With that, it makes sense to also print in color. Now you can at the same rate as black and white with this printer! At Orr Safety, when they print in color it makes it easier to find, count, and recognize where in the building they have fire suppression devices.

The printer uses pigment ink. This type of ink has longer lasting print and better color stability. Pigment black inks offers better print quality for images and resistance to fade when subjected to sunlight.

Lee Kaiser, P.E. at Orr, also explains in the video that there have been a number of times when he works at his desk and spills his coffee over the prints. The ink has not smudged or run while using the HP PageWide XL printer!

The printer is also impressive in that it has a very easy user face. Easily change paper on your own and the printer will walk you through step by step.

If there are any problems with parts or you need assistance, Lynn Imaging is there to help. At Orr Safety Corporation in Louisville, Kentucky we have been able to offer hands-on assistance with same-day service.

Contact Lynn Imaging to see and hear more about the HP PageWide XL printer and let us meet all your printing needs.

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