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Why Security is Important in Your Printers

Why Security is Important in Your Printers

Imagine a day at the office, and suddenly receiving hundreds of unauthorized print jobs. While this sounds unimaginable, companies have experienced this! In 2016, the Boston Globe reported that 59 printers in at a University in Boston were targeted and hacked by a sudden outpour of anti-Semitic flyers printing through campus printers. (Source: Boston Globe)

Security on network devices are constantly being improved due to the threat of hackers clogging up and taking over our network. HP calls an unsecured printer a “hacker’s dream”. We have to agree with their assessment, as less than 2% of business printers are secure, offering a back door into hacking your business (Source: HP).

At Lynn Imaging we believe in investing in the best printer for your needs, and that should always include security. Most large format printers are able to store items on their hard drive or have accessible printing networks, and this makes them extremely vulnerable to hacker’s prying eyes.

If hackers are able to crack your network it is very easy for them to install malware and gain access to sensitive or confidential information. Or like the university in Boston experience, have someone control what is being printed on your plotter. Lynn Imaging can help with choosing a large format printer to suit your business needs, and recommend large format printers with heightened security systems in place.

Lynn Imaging is an authorized reseller of HP large format printers (HP DesignJet, HP PageWide XL). Plotters and printing supplies are available for sale in our Online Store or by contacting 859-255-1021

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