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What will a PageWide XL Wide-Format Printer do for my team?

What will a PageWide XL Wide-Format Printer do for my team?

We have talked a lot about the benefits of a PageWide, but what does this do for your architectural team? For your engineering department? For mapping professionals and GIS aerials? 

Lynn Imaging, we, believe that it hits your bottom line.  Simply put we are taking the burden of printing off your team, and allowing them to do what they do best!  They save time.  Take this example, if your office prints 12,000 SF per month – we have seen offices move from legacy plotters to the PageWide and save 9.4 hours per month – 9.4 hours of printing time*!  Now, multiply those 9.4 hours by what you bill your clients for consulting time, design time, etc. and you can see where it drives directly to your bottom line.

We have clients who tell us color is not important to them – but this is because for years, they have printed in black & white.  They are used to black and white and have found ways to be effective with this mode of printing.  After we place a new HP PageWide XL in their office, they start to leverage color.   This is an exciting change for us to watch! An HVAC and mechanical contractor switched to using color, and now by color coding pipes following these through structures on the drawings becomes much faster.  It takes the strain out of reading plans.  Need to count 200 fire protection devices for a bid? Color simply adds more value here.  And the best news?  Printing color lines on the PageWide is sometimes the same price as printing black & white on legacy plotters. 

The PageWide XL has proven time and time again to make architects, engineers, contractors, CAD teams, drafting rooms, and mapping professionals more efficient, and more focused on the job at hand.  Hear directly from Orr Protection, about their change to an HP Pagewide XL, click here for the video.

Lynn Imaging is a family-owned, locally owned company.  Transactional sales are not our thing.  We dive into the customers’ workflows, processes – we find new ways we can serve them to make them better.  We deeply care about our customers’ success – and we are committed to this.  Being one of the first companies chosen to distribute the PageWide nation-wide allowed us to bring a new solution to our customers.  This is why we love the new HP PageWide devices. 

*The legacy plotter (3 pages per minute) clocked 667 minutes of printing time whereas the PWXL (5100- 20 pages per minute) clocked 100 minutes.  This is an average saving of 9.4 hours per month.

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