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Trade Shows are Back! How does your company stand out?

The past year and a half without events have been a drastic change for Lynn Imaging / Monster Color. As the year draws to a close, we have noticed a lot more live events happening including tradeshows, networking events, organizational meetings, and more.

Now that more businesses are “getting back out there” we have noticed an increase of needing to stand out at these events. With so many participants it is difficult for any brand the break through the overwhelming amount of businesses competing for attention. There are ways to make sure your booth stands out without breaking the banks, and all while looking sleek and professional.

To upgrade your booth consider adding:

Personalized Tablecloths

Personalized or branded tablecloths are a great way to tie in your branding and look professional at your next tradeshow. These branded tablecloths can be ordered in a variety of colors and come in a variety of materials. Our personal favorite tablecloths are stain-resistant.

Branded Backdrops

The backdrop is arguably the most important item for your booth, because as you know, at any tradeshow you can get lost in the sea of tradeshow booths. Backdrops can come in a variety of materials, shapes, and sizes. Our Monster Color division can help select the best-branded backdrop to fit your needs. The most effective backdrop will solidify your organizations’ branding and keep a clear message. Having too many messages on your backdrop will actually end the opposite way you intended. Your message will get lost, and you also limit the usage of your backdrop.

Tradeshow Accessories for your Booth

Adding some simple accessories to your trade show booth is an easy way to upgrade your booth while looking professional and sleek. The Lynn Imaging team is a huge fan of adding literature stands, tabletop accessories, print racks, and more. Adding these small elements can upgrade your booth visually as well as organizationally.


Having a banner to focus on a clear message is the most cost-efficient way to personalize messages based on your tradeshow event. Banner ups allow for frequent message changes as only the banner material will need to be reprinted. Messages that are more long-term consider using a pillowcase banner or something a little more permanent. While we love a banner up, pillowcase banners look more professional and modern.

We understand the importance of live events, and making sure your brand is represented well. Make sure your business is represented well at your next tradeshow, networking event, organizational meetings, and more. Contact us today for more information on the trade show products available.

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