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By Stacy Poole, Marketing & PR Professional at Mark Bric Display.  Lynn Imaging is a vendor for Mark Bric.
When you have holes in your socks, or heaven forbid in your undergarments, you know it is time to get rid of the old ones, fast track a trip to the store, shell out some dinero, and get a snazzy pair of new knee socks! Did you know that knee socks are strangely all the rage again? I must digress and say when I was young, my dad wore socks with his sandals and I was always looking for a place to hide from embarrassment – these days if you are not wearing knee socks with slides… you are the one embarrassed. How things change!

But what about your trade show display? How do you know when it is time to toss out the old and go with a new one? Even if your budget is small, you can’t represent your company well if your display has holes in it! Many frugal folks might argue socks still work with a hole as long as the shoe covers it from view (guilty!); but, this will not fly in the exhibit realm. Rest assured, you don’t want to suffer the embarrassment of an outdated and old display!
So, to help you out, here are 10 signs you need a new booth – and no cover-up attempts, please!

  1. You can no longer purchase bulbs for the light fixtures you currently are attempting to use. Something about the EPA and Congress passing laws banning those particular bulbs!
  2. The people in your booth graphics are wearing Debbie Gibson T-shirts and leg warmers. Yes, the ’80s are trying to make a comeback but they are not calling your tradeshow booth for help.
  3. Avocado hued countertops and orange accessories left a decade before the leg warmers; a quick check of current color schemes in a Benjamin Moore brochure will tell you that you are long overdue.
  4. In booths 10’x10’ and lager, graphics should not be attached with Velcro given current advanced cost-effective printing technologies.
  5. Your booth staff refuses to take their sunglasses off because they don’t want their Facebook friends to recognize them in your tacky booth.
  6. Your booth graphics have a rotary phone or diskettes in the feature graphic. If the rotary phone is somehow product and service relevant then you get a free pass on this one, but the fact that someone just asked you what “rotary phone” even means is confirmation that I am correct.
  7. The dust on your booth cannot be blown out even by compressed air.
  8. Small animals in the rodent family have made homes in your exhibit counters and cases.
  9. Your graphics are creased.
  10. Your booth weighs more than all of the retired Ringling Brothers Elephants combined

If one or more of these resembles you, your display, or your exhibit staff it is time to consider a new booth! If your booth literally has holes…call us NOW at 859-255-1021!To start your display and exhibit makeover, check out our modern options and idea guide at monster-color.professionalportables.com or call 859-255-1021 and we can talk you through how you can get an estimate and suggestions on your display solutions that are unique to your needs.
– By Stacy D. Poole, Marketing Professional at Mark Bric Display Corp.

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