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eComm and 2017 Construction Information Management
2016 was a great year for Lynn Imaging’s eComm Construction Software Management!  More firms and companies experienced real benefits of using eComm on their Design and Construction new and renovation projects.  From staying on top of hot items to knowing where items are in the approval process, to having a complete electronic closeout of the project are just some of the features and benefits they are taking advantage of.  Sherman Carter Barnhart Architects, Sheil Sexton (UofL Student Activity Center Addition and Renovation), Whittenberg Construction Company (UofL Belknap Academic Classroom Building), Murphy Group Architects are among the companies and projects that are now using eComm to manage their projects as of 2016.  We look forward to helping organize and manage more project documentation and workflows in 2017!
Some new eComm email notification features include:

  • Now, view all project email notifications in eComm by going to My Profile and click on My Notifications.  These emails automatically filter per project, when a project is selected.
  • Newly expanded email notification options to receive project notices when items are posted into workflow, items that require your team to process, and items that are closed and you want an email regarding the final closure and documents.

What makes eComm different?  Lynn Imaging’s Digital Team works directly with our customers who are in the field and deeply engaged in construction project management to build project workflows exactly as specified.  Customers provide key improvement suggestions that many times result in new features.  Your project is fully customized to fit your needs and not an out of the box solution.  And because we listen to your needs, you get the best product, best practices, and expertise with our team!
Have you considered implementing eComm on your next project?  You can be up and running in a matter of days.  We would love to work with you!  eComm is priced per project.  Training, set up, administration, trouble shooting by Lynn Imaging’s Digital Team, electronic closeout is all inclusive.  Call our team today to learn more! 859.255.1021

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