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University Uses Communication Tool for Capital Projects

July 02, 2014

With more than 30 active construction projects at an estimated $800 million, University of Kentucky officials needed a new digital information-management tool for design and tracking of construction projects.

In order to keep track of information on construction projects, the University of Kentucky selected Lynn Imaging’s, www.lynnimaging.com, Lexington, Ky., Web-based eCommunication system, which was adopted by the university as it began undertaking major expansion and upgrading of the Student Center, a modernization to Commonwealth Stadium, a state-of-the-art science classroom and labs facility, and a continuation of further updates to the new University Patient Care Facility.

The University of Kentucky Capital Projects Management Division transitioned project data from an existing system to the eCommunication system as of early June. The school staff is pleased with the results, stating eCommunication has created better project transparency, allowing the staff to manage projects as it shares, tracks, approves, and reviews all project documentation in one place.

With the economy’s impact on how the construction industry does business, the challenge has also been an opportunity—to continue to build but find new ways to reduce costs. eCommunication technology was developed in response to this challenge, and it manages project documentation, optimizes workflow processes and accountability, manages change orders, and reduces costs. This solution uses permissions-based Internet access for all project team members, regardless of project scale, providing continuous access to always-current construction documents.

Ultimately, this enables project teams to maintain communication while meeting deadlines and staying within budget. And tracking all of this digitally gives complete and readily available project closeout upon completion.

Looking ahead this kind of efficiency is ideal for the University of Kentucky campus, which is undergoing major capital construction projects and renovations—perhaps the most exciting time for the construction team in the university’s history.

See the article here: http://www.constructech.com/news/articles/article.aspx?article_id=10092

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