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Lynn Imaging: Reinvented

By Shelby Lynn Marshall, Director of Marketing for Lynn Imaging and Monster Color

I’m not sure if you are in the construction industry, but if you are, I seriously doubt that you have seen actual blueprints come through your door in a long time.  In fact, I’d be willing to place money on it!  Lynn Imaging started selling supplies to the construction industry and plan sheets in the form of a blueprint.   Then, we transitioned and invested in newer equipment and upgraded to black-line machines.  Basically, this is a black and white print without the horrible ammonia smelling blueprint process.

Fast forward to the early 1990s, our color department started to get very busy.  We were simply providing color copies to walk in customers and our construction personnel.  However, as technology progressed and the market expanded, Lynn Imaging noticed a real potential in color printing, and Monster Color was born.  Lynn Imaging re-invented our color department into a graphics house that now services some of the most respected advertising agencies in the country!

On the construction front, technology continued to rapidly expand as Al Gore so generously gave us the internet.  In 2000, Lynn Imaging wrote and released eDistribution, an online planroom to our customers.  Now, customers could view the plans for a bid project online before ordering the prints.  Lynn Imaging re-invented the planroom and changed the way construction projects were bid for most of Kentucky.

So, here we are in 2013 and technology continues to evolve at a much faster pace.  What we waited ten years for in the 1990’s, we can see change in 6 months in today’s technology climate.  And Lynn Imaging’s flexibility, and ability to re-invent has kept them as a dominant competitor.  These very attributes will keep Lynn Imaging relevant to their clients’ needs as they adapt and embrace the new technologies in the construction industry.

Lynn Imaging has always managed information.  It used to be in the form of paper.  Now, we manage information digitally.  The construction industry has essentially outsourced the management of information to Lynn Imaging for over 60 years.  With this, Lynn Imaging has become so much more than a printer, but we continue to be a Construction Information Management company – no matter the format of the information.

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