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Epson AM series heat free printers

Lynn Imaging is excited to bring Epson’s AM WorkForce Enterprise printers to the Kentucky market. Over the course of a
few blogs, we will be explaining the benefits of these inkjet printers. The new models Epson has introduced are the AM
C4000, the AM C5000, and the AM C6000 – which print 40, 50, and 60 pages per minute respectively.

A benefit of Epsons’ precision core technology is that heat is not required for printing. This makes the first print to come
out of the machine must faster than a traditional laser printer. We thought the image below was a great explanation of
how the new Epson’s operate:





If you are in Lexington or Louisville – we would love to have you stop in any time M-F 8-5 pm to see the new Epson line of
printers for yourself. We are big fans! Contact us at 859.255.1021 or email us at info@lynnimaging.com.

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