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Lynn Imaging Partners with Seiko Epson

Lynn Imaging, an established digital printing company and Xerox servicing partner is excited to announce a new partnership with Seiko Epson. Epson, a $9.3B corporation, has invested heavily in its workforce enterprise line of office copiers. Epson introduced a proven technology that has been successfully used in large production presses worldwide since 2007 into their new office copier line. This technology allows the printers to work without using any heat. Why is heat-free impressive? It is better for the environment because it creates less waste than a laser printer, it uses less electricity, and it has fewer moving parts making it more reliable throughout the life of the product, and its overall operating cost is less than traditional toner printers.

Want to learn more? Stop by our showrooms in Lexington or Louisville to see the new Epson WorkForce Enterprise AM series printers in person, or ask your account manager to learn more.



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