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Applications on the Xerox AltaLink Series

The Xerox AltaLink Series printer is one of Lynn Imaging’s favorite copiers available. This printer provides the best solutions available for almost any industry you can think of, and the customization gives the user exactly what they would need from a copier without the additional cost.

Xerox App Gallery

We love working with Xerox because they strive to develop the latest solutions and technology to make your life easier! Just one of the many ways Xerox can help your business save time, money and peace of mind is by developing apps to work with your printer. Apps are a great way to streamline your process and organization for your business and are available on the Xerox AltaLink or Xerox VersaLink printers.

At a glance, Xerox Technology provides:
-Intuitive User Experience
-Mobile & Cloud Ready
-Optimized digital workflows
-Remote Monitoring of supplies 

Want to check out all of the available apps that can connect to your Xerox copier? Visit the Xerox App Gallery to see all available solutions from Xerox. Don’t know if Xerox is the right choice for your business? Contact us today for more information.

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