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HP DesignJet Technical Series

HP DesignJet T850
Easy, Fast, Connected

Maximize your team’s agility with the world’s easiest A3-A1 experience. Simplify multi-size printing with the integrated input tray. Streamline print workflows with HP Click. And meet office and environmental needs with this compact plotter.

HP DesignJet T950
Efficient & Connected

Boost productivity with the world’s most efficient half size to D size experience. Do it all—print multi-size CAD and renders with the integrated input/output tray. Save time with HP Click. And go beyond with this robust and compact plotter.

HP DesignJet T1600
Simple, Secure, High Performance

Keep the project momentum. With radically simple solutions and the easiest PDF printing, it’s easy for everyone to get great results every time. Meet deadlines with the fastest print speed in the most compact, quiet printer.

HP DesignJet T1700
Efficient, Accurate, Secure

Confidently take CAD, GIS color reproduction to the next level with a 44-in HP DesignJet printer that delivers powerful security features, high productivity on even the most complex files with the Adobe PDF driver, and bright and precise colors.

HP DesignJet T2600
Seamless and Secure Performance

Create highly efficient teams with the most compact, quiet MFP that supports collaboration with a smart interface and access to shared folders. Meet deadlines with the fastest print speed and the only automatic print stacking.