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Go paperless! FileHold is a document management and records management software solution that turns cabinets of paper and electronic files into an organized, highly secure library and allows organizations to fast track to the paperless office. FileHold is easy to use, easy to install, and is affordable for small to large organizations.

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Create and Capture

The document and record lifestyle begins when electronic information is created by users or is captured from the web, email or fax. Paper documents are scanned and converted to searchable digital files.

Manage & Organize

The files are classified and structured into a format that is customizable to your business needs. Metadata tagging is applied to the document allowing advanced searching and navigation.

Distribute and Access

The powerful FileHold search engine indexes the text of every document prior to storage providing full text and metadata search so users can easily find documents.

Workflow and Approval

FileHold facilitates team collaboration with version control, document linking, subscriptions, alerts, and document approvals.

Retain and Keep Current:

Use FileHold to be confident you are working from the latest and relevant documents.

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