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Tomorrow is the last day to save BIG!

Posted on by LynnAdmin

Upgrade your printing system today!

There’s a reason people are lining up to get the iPhone 6. Retailers offer the opportunity to trade in a phone that—while it might be fine now—in a year or two will be out of date and too old for new upgrades. In exchange, we get substantial credit toward the most relevant technology, which will survive the next rush of change in the industry.

Maybe you’re not a smartphone geek like some of us, but this opportunity to upgrade is what HP is offering with it’s current deal on the Designjet T3500. You trade in your current plotter* and receive a huge rebate toward this powerful printer, which boasts zero warm-up time so you can print without delay.

We think this is a pretty great offer, and so we just want you all to know about this opportunity. Get $3,000 or $4,000 back when you upgrade from your current plotter to the high-power, high-efficiency Designjet T3500. Say goodbye to the days of waiting on your printer without saying goodbye to all your hard-earned money!

*approved models only, contact us NOW to find out if your printer qualifies

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